Soonmovement NewYork

Be A Ministry Partner

The staff members here at the SOON Movement wholeheartedly commit ourselves in planting of Jesus Christ in the hearts of these college students, so that through them the true season of Christ can come to us.  Fulfilling the Great Commission cannot be done alone. We need partners who could pray and financially support these wonderful people of God. We strongly urge you to prayerfully consider becoming our committed partner for this great work.

  • All believers are not of the world (John 17:16), but they were sent into the world (John 17:18). All believers, with no exceptions, are missionaries, either by going or sending. I hope and pray that you would become a sending missionary by helping the campus missionaries who minister in the most essential and strategic field in producing future leaders. The harvest is plentiful and it will be firmly established.


  • Universities and college campuses are still to this day and next generation the harvesting field for many souls. For over 60 years, Soon Movement (KCCC) has been spreading the Gospel in colleges as well as various spheres of society, sending out missionaries worldwide. This has been possible as a result of our invaluable staff members and their sacrifices. They are in need of churches and individuals to actively pray and supply their ministry needs so they will be unhindered in building up disciples. We know no spiritual battle that is fiercer than sharing the good news of Jesus Christ to the youth and cultivating them into His followers. And the battle can be won only when all that is needed is fully supplied at the time it is needed.


  • Soon Movement has helped train our leaders in evangelism, provided a great conference for the students of our church to participate in, and introduced me to other pastors who I can fellowship with. 
    Soon movement is a critical move of God to help reach campuses in North America and is seeking to partner with the church. Partnering with a soon movement will bless your church and it will bless the campus that is on our heart.